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Run your Business OUTSIDE of Social Media

I have warned many friends and colleagues about the issues with running your business through Facebook or "META".

With the latest shutdown of the social media giant, the ripple effect became a worldwide issue within minutes.

I spoke about this in a podcast back in 2022:

The point is... YOUR BUSINESS SHOULD NOT LIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. You NEED a website and you NEED to start sharing your photos, blogs/stories, commerce and retail to your website FIRST and then to social media second.


1) You do not own your social media account

2) Your social media account can be hacked or shut down at any time

3) You do not own your own social media metrics and visitor information

4) If you pay for advertising it better be to the domain you own and manage

5) You are giving away too much information for FREE

If you do not have a domain or your own website then your entire online business identity is in danger.

Do not think that you won't be the victim of hacking or stolen identity.

What would happen if you can't log in to your facebook account and you lost all of your photos, videos and stories? It could be devastating.

And now there is an even bigger threat... a total collapse of websites, and networks. It has happened and it will happen again.

Want help or need more information about this? Send me a message. I have taken the media certification program through META and TikTok, have experience in many webhost programs (WIX, GoDaddy, Shopify, Weebly, SquareSpace, Square, Wordpress, WooCommerce, etc.) and can provide remote help or just answer questions.

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