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2024 Chicken Shares

Pasture Raised Chicken Shares

We are so excited to be offering our  Pasture Raised Chicken again!!

Our birds are Pastured Raised with absolutely No Hormones and No Antibiotics.

What is a Chicken Share?

In order to offer the most amount of our fresh pasture raised chicken and not overcrowd our freezers, we have started offering "Chicken Shares". This allows us to raise the exact amount we need to supplement you and our community and ensure we have enough space in our farm freezer units. Once your chicken is processed you will be assigned a pick up date and you can come take your pre-order home with you. No need to wait in line, worry about us selling out or not getting the cuts you want.

When you purchase your "share" you can choose to have your chicken parted or left whole. We can even include the organs if you like. 

Minimum purchase of 2 Chicken Shares is required.

Why Buy our Chicken?

Our chickens are raised on pasture their entire lives here (except while in the brooder.) We are able to keep them outdoors safe from predators with the use of real working Livestock Guardian Dogs.

Our chickens aren't kept in cages, not even portable moving cages. These birds literally have free roam and enjoy plentiful sunshine, fresh water and plenty of natural forage.

We supplement their diets with a fortified ground Non-GMO, Non-Medicated corn meal and lysine.

When are the Chickens Ready?

Our processing dates have not been set just yet. We will update our site once we are ready to take deposits and arrange your pick up time.

When you pick up your birds they will be all clean, wrapped and ready for the freezer.

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