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Our Farm Raised Meats

We believe that everyone should have a choice for their own health and personal wellbeing. I know I personally spent years shopping at the local grocery stores and chose to ignore some of the food labeling and commercial farming practices. I am empathetic towards animals and considered being vegan just to avoid the commercial food structure for raising my meats. I had a choice and I decided to raise my own meat. What started as a hobby farm in 2013 in Maine finally grew into our now 100 acre farm in New Hampshire. We're so grateful for the land and community to help us to continue to expand our farm offerings to not just our friends and family but to an entire community. 

Free Range Chicken Farm

Our Farming Practices

Our 100 acre farm offers a diverse landscape for our livestock. We use portable electric fencing, livestock guardian dogs, lush green grass and supplemental fruits and veggies from local sources all to ensure our animals are living their best life on our farm.

Humane Treatment

  • We strive to offer the highest level of care and attention to our livestock. Our poultry are tended to by our livestock guardian dogs who live with them year round to ensure their safety. This allows our flock to openly graze our lush grass fields.

  • If our animals were not born here on our farm, we search for other community farmers who share the same vision for the quality of life for their animals. 

  • Our animals are never given growth hormones or steroids.

Community and Culture

  • What started as a small hobby farm has grown into a community farm. We would not be here without the support of our friends, family and neighbors. We open our farm to our community and encourage engagement and activities here year round.

  • We offer enrichment experiences for families by opening our trails for hiking, exploring, nature walks, dog walks, snowshoeing and more.

  • Our farm culture is what sets up apart and we strive to expand our outreach to invite you to come and experience it for yourself.

  • Our farm offers hands on farm experiences, FREE community gardens, and unique outdoor dining and nature experiences.


  • Our meats are processed locally at a USDA facility. Our butchers practice the same level of cleanliness and care for our animals as we do here at our farm.

  • Any animals not processed USDA are processed here at our farm by us. We offer this service seasonally.

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