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Wild Horses in Black & White

The Mustangs

April 2024 we will be welcoming two new mustang horses to The Fox and Crow Farm. We're thrilled to take you along on our Mustang journey of 2024. We're excited to introduce our two new mustang horses to the world, and we're eager to share our experience as we teach them how to adjust to life in New Hampshire. From Wild to Mild, we will be documenting everything we do to help our two mustangs become domesticated, and we can't wait to share the journey with you.

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Your gifts are appreciated!

If you would like to contribute training and desentizing toys and tools, we will gladly accept them through our "Gift List"

Other items we are open to are metal corral panels, privacy screens or snow fencing, unopened bags of timothy hay pellets, bagged shavings, straw and pelleted bedding. Toys and inflatable pool toys are also acceptable.

If you have any used rope halters, lead ropes, saddle pads, etc we are open to those as well.

Meet Nikki and her Yearling Gelding

April 12th I will get to meet this little guy! He (name TBD) is a mustang who just turned 1 year old. He was born in captivity, his mother is a wild mustang who was captured while pregnant in 2022 from the Calico Mountain herd management area outside of Reno, NV.

Horses within the Calico Mountain HMA are descendants of ranch horses that either escaped or were released into the area. (As described from BLM - Bureau Of Land Management website)

Every few months BLM holds internet auctions for people to bid on wild mustangs. These are the only photos I have of him, kinda crazy to be awaiting the arrival of a horse that you have hardly any photos of!

I am excited to get to know him! He is one of the lucky ones that gets a chance at a new future outside of BLM holding.

Many people are unaware of the BLM and their role in herding up wild mustangs. In 2022, there were approximately 20,000 wild mustangs and burros that were herded up. Currently, there are over 40,000 wild horses and burros in “long term holding” facilities. These are fenced in areas of acerage where the wild mustangs are kept indefinitely. Tax payers fund the feeding and care of these animals for their entire lives.

In 2023, taxpayers paid $153 Million Dollars to BLM to fund their “wild horse and burro program”

Only a handful of horses are auctioned off each year - this yearling is one of the lucky ones!

The auction that this horse was in had a couple hundred horses available to bid on. A couple hundred horses out of tens of thousands gathered each year and kept in long term holding facilities.

My initial goal with this horse will be to get him comfortable and happy around humans. He will live at my friend Erin’s house likely until fall (she also has 2 mustangs). From there he will come to my farm and live with Traveler and Shine.

I am looking forward to meeting him and watching him grow! I think he is going to be quite handsome!

For now I just get to look at the photos and consider names! One month to go


Meet Erin and her mustang, Dublin 

I bid and won this amazing horse on Jan 15th from the BLM Internet Auction. I have named him Dublin and he will be 2.5 years old when I get him on April 12th.

I only have a few photos from his online auction so seeing him in person will be extremely exciting for sure. Clearly, we're pretty excited over here. I have never seen a horse like Dublin, ever. His colors are very unique to me. I hope he's a good boy and Tango and Ryder love him as much as I do already.

I adopted my first mustang June 2023. His name is Ryder and he lives here at our farm with my quarter horse, Tango.

Dublin was captured from the Triple B HMA in Nevada August 2022. He would have been about a year old at the time. He has spent his entire time in captivity in a private off-range holding facility in Nevada called Indian Lakes.

Their trek from Nevada will begin around the first week of April as they load them up in large livestock haulers that will move them from Facility to facility to be fed, watered and finally to Swanzey NH on April 12th. 

My scheduled pick up time is 12pm and we will load both my mustang and Nikki's mustang into my 16' BLM approved livestock trailer. Once we arrive at the farm both horses will be offloaded into their paddock with access to fresh water, hay and a run-in shed. This will be their first shelter since being caught as I have been told the facility they have been kept at does not offer any shelters.

Our goal is to give them time to find their food, water and shelter and adjust to the new surroundings. The weather will be different, the wind, air, temperature and smells will all be new to them. We're committed to ensuring they have as much time as they need to adjust before we begin any person interactions with them. 

We're super excited to share the experience with you. Follow along on our page for videos, photos and more.

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