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  • How do I take a shower?
    Well, we honestly limit the number of stays due this very topic. The only shower provided is at the Windfall Cabin and that is an outdoor solar shower bag. This would be only suitable in the warmer season. The solar shower bag holds up to 5 gallons of water and heats up in the sun. No sun? Cold weather? You will get a cold shower.
  • Will I have access to running water?
    Each cabin is equipped with a sink and 5 gallons of potable water. You are able to wash dishes, cook, wash your hands and more with the water provided. If you feel you need more water, we have a spigot at the farm or you can ask us to bring you more. If you need to heat up the water, there are pots that you can put on the stove to heat up your water.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    No, unfortunately due to the nature of this being a working farm, we are not able to accept your dogs for an overnight stay. We do allow dogs on the farm for day visits, hikes and snowshoeing.
  • What do you mean by Off-Grid?
    Each cabin does not have electricity or running water. They do both have plenty of solar lighting, lanterns, and flashlights. Sinks and 5 gallons of potable water are provided at each cabin for you to wash dishes, hands, brush your teeth, etc.
  • Is there WIFI?
    The cabins do not have WIFI due to being off-grid and remote. Our farm store does have free guest WIFI for you to use.
  • Where is the bathroom?
    Each cabin is equipped with a outhouse/privy. These are wooden structures made here on the farm with a dug well for waste. They are clean, well lit, and easy to use and access. Both outhouses are equipped with dusk to dawn solar lighting.
  • What are our store hours?
    Monday-Wednesday: CLOSED Thursday: 11-4pm Friday: 11-4pm Saturday: 11-4pm Sunday: 11-4pm
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Yes, we allow well behaved leashed dogs on our walking trails. We do ask that you please keep your dogs away from our livestock fencing, working dogs and out of the horses paddock areas.
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