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How did we get our Farm Name?

People often ask us about our farm name.

If you're from this area of New Hampshire you know that we have an abundance of red fox and crows. When we first moved to our home we were camping outdoors while the house was being gutted. We quickly realized that our farm was occupied by a very large raven family and our interest in our resident crows and ravens was born.

Perhaps you are familiar with the Aesop Fairy Tale of The Fox and The Crow. A children fable for Proverbs 29:5, "A flattering neighbor is up to no good; he's probably planning to take advantage of you” A constant reminder for me to stay focused on our goals and work and not to be distracted by outside influence.

If you know my husband, Jared, you might know his carpentry business is named Red Fox Carpentry. His middle name is "Fox" and is a very important family name that dates back several generations. There is a published book by Jared's great great grandfather, Jared Fox's 1852 travels "in his actual words from the notes he kept during his 18 month sojourn -- traveling from central Wisconsin to the Oregon Territory in 1852 to set up a milling business. His journey was in vain and he returned to Wisconsin late in 1854. It's an excellent insight into the attitudes and ordeals of this era!" We have no doubt Jared's great, great, grandfather would be very proud of the man Jared has become today.

Jared is also known for his red hair and beard.

Perhaps you are into symbolism. In some Native American cultures the Crow is the symbol of Transformation and Change. Our farm is the example of what we mean when we say "Make it Happen". It urges us to be determined on our goals and stay fearless.

However you interpret our Farm Name, in the end it's just a name and we like it. We hope you do too!

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